Sylvie has been providing me with care, on and off, for over 10 years. She is a thoughtful and considerate professional that asks appropriate questions to determine your needs, and determine which life experiences may have contributed to the cause of your physical challenges. She suggests different modalities that may enhance treatment and the improvement of your symptoms.

 Sylvie is conscientious in remaining current with new approaches and information to the services she provides. Sylvie also offers different products for home use that support healing, promotes a sense of well-being through aroma therapy products, soaps, and more. I would recommend Sylvie, and the care she provides, without reservation. I hope you will allow Sylvie the opportunity to assist you in your journey to healing and well-being.

Many Thanks! Sandra K.  January 2017, Erie PA

The Stress Relief Center of Erie was founded after Sylvie suffered a series of traumas that left her unable to walk, without assistance, for five months.

 During her painstaking journey, with her will and determination to raise her son on her own, and by listening to Oprah’s Words of Wisdom, Sylvie promised herself, that when she was well again, she would help people manage and heal from their ailments and discomforts caused by stress and/or injury.

Today, she lives her promise and passion.​​

Client Testimonials

I am pleased to provide Sylvie Houde, Massage Therapist, with this letter of reference. Even though Sylvie did not request this letter from me, I feel compelled to inform you of the true value Sylvie would bring to your group, [to you].

I met Sylvie, almost two years ago, at my local chiropractor's office. After experiencing a devastating cervical spinal cord injury, and going through six months of long-term [care of] in-house therapy, along with home health care, I presented her with multiple issues for care. From our very first session together, her passion and gift for massage therapy was apparent. Her general knowledge base far surpassed what I expected, given the complexity of my presenting problems, and her willingness to expand her knowledge was truthfully inspirational. Whether I was her first client of the day, or her last, she maintained a consistent level of care and professionalism.

Through the gift of her hands, I was able to achieve far more improvement, not only in function, but in the quality of life I now am able to enjoy. For this, I am truly grateful! 

Sincerely, Rev. Lori R. Maughan R.N.    ~ February 2017